Saturday, December 20, 2008

death by telekinesis

During a recent remote broadcast from a car dealership, a coworker told me that he was going to an "ugly Christmas sweater party" that night. Although the self-explanatory concept reminded me of a funny scene in "Bridget Jones Diary," I had not previously heard of it. As often happens once something shows up on your radar, I started noticing several pictures of "ugly Christmas sweater parties" on USA Today's Pop Candy Blog.

A few days later, that same coworker saw me wearing one of the Alpaca wool sweaters I received as a gift last year from my wife's brother and his family. They live in Peru, where he is a missionary for Globe International. I felt like I had hit the jackpot when they drew my name in the family Christmas lottery. The Alpaca sweaters are the warmest, softest and most comfortable I've ever had in my life. I wore a light brown one to the Christmas parade two weeks ago. Anyway, my coworker asked if I was going to an "ugly Christmas sweater party." He thought that the llamas on my gray sweater were reindeer.

On Tuesday night I wore the gray sweater to the last regular Einstein Simplified show of the year (not counting our New Year's Eve gig). I kept it on during one of my favorite games, "Story Story Die," but soon got too hot on stage and took it off. Paul Simmons' wife Michelle took pictures throughout the show. I asked her to send me one that I could post here to show that the llamas look nothing like reindeer. Feel free to add your own captions in the comments section.

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Anonymous Missybw said...

We went to a Funeral this last summer in upper Wisconsin - Waupaca/Stevens Point to be exact. As I planned our trip my hubs looked up from his fanatasy sports and said "isn't Waupaca where the sweaters come from?" Yes, he did. Still hoping the Waupaca Foundry can make him something nice in cast metal!

Blogger Sandy Weaver Carman said...

So my first comment is that many of your cohorts had already "died" and you're still standing...way to go, Frank!!

And you're right...the llamas look nothing like reindeer, and you probably should have smacked the co-worker who dared to call your sweater "ugly."

Anonymous gmoyers said...

Was you co-worker of foreign decent? Because Llamas could be the reindeer of some eastern countries?

Blogger bean said...

frank, judging by the extreme expression on your face, i would say you take your reindeer/llama identification very seriously.

that person should have known better than to make that mistake with you.

you go, girl.


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