Thursday, December 11, 2008

fine time to leave me, loose seal

Larsen Jay, his wife Adrian and their son Henry were all at the Bijou Theatre yesterday for the announcement of the 100 Year Jubilee. Larsen is chairman of the four-day celebration. As a fundraiser, they are asking people to sponsor a light bulb in the new Bijou marquee. The Jay family will buy all the light bulbs for the letter J in Bijou.

For their day job, Larsen and Adrian run a production company called DoubleJay Creative. I've mentioned them before, when their telecast of "Tennessee Shines" aired on WBIR. They also made news this summer when the movie they produced, "I Hate to See That Evening Sun Go Down" was filming in Knoxville.

When I saw Larsen, I kidded him a bit about the free toilet he gave me four years ago. He was a producer on a home improvement show called "Ed the Plumber," which aired on the DIY Network and starred Ed Del Grande. Larsen brought the crew to my house to shoot an episode on toilet replacement.

photo from 2004

I got a fancy Sterling Dual Force toilet out of the deal. It has one button for small flushes and another for bigger flushes. It worked fine until this past summer. I could hear water leaking from the tank into the bowl. To save money, I turned off the water valve. My wife and son and I got in the habit of turning on the water when we needed to flush and turning it off afterward. We finally decided to get it fixed before Thanksgiving. The plumber we hired found the problem. The flush valve seal had gotten blistered. The air bubbles in the o-shaped ring allowed water to leak past. Unfortunately none of the local plumbing supply stores carried the part. It had to be special ordered from Kohler. Of course it didn't get here in time for Thanksgiving either. As I told Larsen yesterday, my "free" toilet has now cost me $48 for parts and labor.

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Blogger Meaghan said...

wow. you have lost a lot of weight since then. i suppose you haven't needed as many "big flushes" since you started the diet and are eating better?

Anonymous Jere said...

$48 four years later. However you and I both still start to turn on the water to flush.
Murphy's Law - just when I get used to not having to turn it on and off, it will get the bubbles again.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Next time I will just buy the $2 part online and save the $46 labor charge!!

And healthier diets generally have more fiber, if you know what I mean.


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