Thursday, January 29, 2009

as in minus everything interesting

What is it like to watch Quincy in a post-CSI world? Earlier this week I did my annual interview with Jon Jefferson and Dr. Bill Bass, which will air Sunday morning. I got home that day and was inspired to watch an old episode of "Quincy, M.E." that was about to start on WMAK.

The episode starts as a dead priest is discovered in a call girl's apartment. We only see a glimpse of the body's feet beyond the bedroom door. While the camera stays on the police lieutenant questioning the lady of the evening in the living room, Quincy goes into the bedroom and shuts the door! Really? I thought the show was called "Quincy, M.E." not "Monahan, P.D."

Lt. Monahan quickly suspects that the good padre has been framed. He needs Quincy to provide an explanation. Our view of the corpse is obscured by a light fixture in the autopsy room. Quincy and Sam discover a possibility that the body was moved after death. As they are telling Monahan about it, Sam says that it has to do with lividity. Proving how far we've come since then, Quincy replies, "Oh c'mon Sam, let's not bore him with the details now." Go ahead Sam, bore me!

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Blogger Cassie said...

Hey Frank I read in your post Unto dust thou shall return that there will be a Dr. Bass event soon. You linked to Knox Heritage where you said tickets could be purchased for the event. I have looked their website over and can't find anything about the event. Where exactly on the website is it located ? I want to get tickets. Thanks

Anonymous rodney lee said...

Frank; liked the post.

That shot of the dead body looks exactly like the opening shot of BachelorMan (the birth scene)

I wonder if they shot in the same place? That's the scene you ended up on the DVD watching from behind putch.

weird. Rodney Lee

Anonymous Tonya Estep said...

Absolutely love WMAK! All the old shows are great-perfect for us old T.V. junkies!


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