Friday, July 07, 2006

ham and cheese

And now, with apologies to Paul Harvey, here is the rest of the story: WBIR's Abby Ham saw me taking her photo from a distance on Tuesday. She waved me over and recognized me as she did. You might recall that she once sent a camera to an Einstein Simplified show. I said hi and immediately introduced my long-suffering wife to Abby and Bill Williams. Abby started the conversation by complimenting our improv group's recent appearance on "Live at Five." I responded by telling her about her number one ranking in the search results on Bean's Blog. We chatted for a few more seconds before she and Bill had to begin their broadcast. I said something about hoping she understood the attempted humor in my many blog entries about her.

My wife and I had walked to World's Fair Park from the parking garage with our camp chairs slung over our shoulders. When I asked Abby and Bill if my wife could take a photo of me with them, I did not know that the strap from the chair had made the collar of my patriotic flag shirt look so stupid. I thought about going back to ask Abby and Bill for a re-shoot but decided against it. They were so nice they probably would have said yes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man Frank, you have sure lost a lot of weight. Good work buddy!

Don't worry about your collar there - you have made stalkers around the world proud.


Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Finally! The whole story and you are just wasting away Frank! Good job!

Anonymous Ed Munster said...

Well Frank you hope Abby understands the humor in your many blog posts about her, and I am sure she does. I just hope she does not think that Ed Munster is a stalker for commenting so much to your blog posts. I just can not help that she is way past hot and has a sexy voice. Good thing my wife understands. LOL!!


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