Saturday, September 23, 2006

most innocent and unlikely of places

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly includes a behind-the-scenes story about "Survivor: Cook Islands." It says that all the members of the Manihiki tribe except one became seasick on their way to the starting point of the game. The one who didn't retch was Rebecca, which makes perfect sense. She works on "The View" as Joy Behar's makeup artist. Clearly she has a higher tolerance for nausea than the rest of us.

The new Christmas CD from my friend Richard Cheese comes out on Tuesday. I told you about it some time ago. Mr. Cheese also has another project that will amuse you. It's a collection of songs that he sings under the name "Lt. Solo." My son and I went through the track listing trying to remember where the word "fire" turns up in the lyrics of each song.

Many fans of female news anchors have found this site through some of my posts. The other day Maxim put up a list of their top ten anchor babes. Number one is a French woman my friend Bean wrote about.

Pirates of the Caribbean is pretty good but regular blog readers know my favorite Disneyland ride is the Jungle Cruise. Now they're going to make a movie based on it. They had better include the joke about the gnu.

Blogs everywhere are gushing over the season premiere of "The Office." I loved it so much I haven't been able to delete it from my TiVo yet even though I need the space. Regular readers should not be surprised by this.

Several months ago I recorded a testimonial for Hosenfeld Chiropractic. It's now been posted on the WVLT website in case you want to watch me speak extemporaneously for four minutes about chiropractic.

My daughter reminded me that today is the 23rd day of the month of September. She said we should all watch (or listen to the soundtrack of) "Little Shop of Horrors."

I sent an email to my cousins inviting them to read my blog. I don't know if they'll be interested in everything I write but they might like reading about our cousin Terry or about my father. Hi cousins! Let me know that you stopped by.

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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Halloween time is upon us!!!
YAY Halloween!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"'cause i'm a deeentiist
i have a talent for causing things pain!
aawww i'm a deeentiist
though some call me inhumane..."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Suddenly Seymore, standing beside you..."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Would you like a Caddilac car?
Or a guest spot on Jack Parr?
How about a date with Heddie LaMar?
You're gonna get it. If you want it, baby.

How'd you like to be a big wheel?
Dining out for every meal?
I'm the one who'll make it AAALL real.
You're gonna get iiit.

Gee, I'd like a Harley machine,
riding around like I was James Dean,
makin' all the guys on the corner turn green!

You're gonna get iiit."

Anonymous Frank's daughter said...


Anonymous Teresa said...

I loved the nausea comment!


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