Wednesday, September 13, 2006

phone call for Pete Zaria

Da Vinci's Pizza was closed the first time we wanted to eat there. Yesterday was Tuesday so we gave it another try before the Einstein Simplified show. The pizza was pretty good but the atmosphere left something to be desired. The front of the shop was so dark that I thought the place might have been closed again. The only other customers were smoking cigarettes while they waited for their carry-out calzone order. We picked a table as far from the smokers as we could. I got the special: two slices and a bottle of water (or soda) for $5. The crust was thin and flexible, which is the way I like it. Rather than pizza lovers like me, their target audience might be people looking for a late night snack after an evening at the various drinking establishments in the Old City.

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Anonymous Fly-boy said...

Hmmm... I guess all those flys in the summer might mean something then, huh Frank?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you bring your fly swatter? yummy!

Scott in the 909

Blogger bean said...

hey, frank, why don't you be the citizen who gets the petition going to get smoking banned in restaurants in tennessee? i don't know how the ballot process works in your state but many other states have eventually voted to do it, bending to public pressure. might be an interesting topic for your show too....

Anonymous Pam Mc said...


Anonymous Drowsy said...

Yea Bean.. but that would take away from Frank's precious "nap time"



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