Friday, July 13, 2007

then God said, "let there be evolution"

Russell Biven's face stared back at me from the free magazine rack at Wal-Mart. I had reached down to grab a Metro Pulse from the middle of the stack when I saw Russell and his wife on the cover of the premiere issue of Tennessee Christian Living magazine. The two page profile focuses on Russell's family, faith and career. I hope the magazine eventually puts its content online. They would get a lot of page hits from posting the photos that accompany the article, especially the one of the "Live at Five" team in their Halloween costumes. Russell is dressed as Mr. Incredible, Beth Haynes is Wonder Woman and Todd Howell is Robin, the Boy Wonder. Did I mention that Beth Haynes was dressed as Wonder Woman?

Toward the back of the magazine is a calendar of upcoming events. It says that Lisa Whelchel will be speaking at a church in Loudon on August 17 and 18. They also have a listing for a new exhibit called "Hatching the Past: Dinosaur Eggs, Nests and Young" at the McClung Museum. Somewhat ironically, that calendar listing is only a few pages after a two page spread on the Creation Museum in Kentucky.

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Anonymous bean said...

f.m., i am confused by your mention of the irony in your post. maybe i don't know enough about creationism but are you saying they don't believe in dinosaurs too?

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

It's more about the timeline than about the existence of dinosaurs. Some creationists believe that the era of the dinosaurs was closer to 6500 years ago than 65 million and that dinosaurs might be the dragons of medieval literature. My guess is that the McClung Museum exhibit follows the evolutionist timeline.


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