Monday, February 20, 2006

the award for canine in a supporting role...

To cut back on expenses, my wife and I haven't paid to go to a movie in months. Back in December, we used some free passes to see the big ape movie and the kids in the cabinet movie. Because today was a holiday and there was no carpool to pick up at school, my wife wanted to go see something at the multiplex. I thought we could use some free passes to see the Woody Allen movie but they're not valid on weekends or holidays.

Once it was decided that we were going to pay for tickets, we looked up the showtimes for Oscar nominated films. I was interested in the TV news movie, the country music movie or even the famous writer with the funny voice movie, especially after seeing that lead actor on the newsmagazine with the stopwatch last night. But our son wanted to come with us and our window of opportunity was closing so we ended up seeing the stranded sled dog movie.

Although it's not an Oscar-caliber motion picture, I was willing to go see it because our family had a pet Siberian Husky named Pandora during my high school and college years and because our friend Sandy breeds and shows huskies in Georgia. What awesome dogs! Overall the movie was good but it bugged me that they showed green leaves on the trees in DC when it was supposed to be February and that the brutal Antarctic winter was a lot brighter and sunnier than it was in the walking penguin movie.

One of the malamutes was a Knoxville stray before being discovered at Sleddog Rescue. The locally headquartered theatre giant is displaying lobby posters about the K-town dog:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why no movie titles?

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

I guess I thought it was funny at the time.

Anonymous Frank's daughter said...

it was funny, don't listen to mr. mous over there.

p.s. someone should take a picture of your face the next time you take a picture for your blog. i remember you always got this serious, i'm-doing-my-job look on your face when you photographed things like funny movie posters or giant cow utters. it's cute.


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