Wednesday, November 01, 2006

larger than life

Ralphie May chose to film his new Comedy Central special, "Girth of a Nation," in Knoxville. My wife and I went to one of the two shows they recorded at the Tennessee Theatre in April (as did at least one other blogger). You can watch the special on Saturday night, or catch one of the two repeat showings scheduled for late Monday night / early Tuesday morning. Since the special is only an hour long, some material must have been cut. Maybe the DVD or audio CD, which will both be released Tuesday, will have some deleted jokes. On Ralphie's site, the CD costs less than the DVD. I thought it odd that on the DVD is a little cheaper than the CD. When I watch the show, I'll be looking for people I know in the audience during reaction shots. My wife and I saw a camera pointed at Gretchen from 93 Point 1 for a long time. We were sitting a couple of rows behind her. Get used to seeing Gretchen on TV. She recently went to L.A. to be in an infomercial hosted by Leeza Gibbons.

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Anonymous brooke said...

i got to go see ralphie may as well. my favorite part was when he was talking about watching 'open water'... =)


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