Monday, November 26, 2007

progress report

A new McDonald's sign was delivered to the Pilot Food Mart last Monday. I went past the location again today and couldn't help but notice the newly naked pole in the sky. This could be good news. It's possible that the entire pole was stripped just to make it easier for the McDonald's sign on top to be switched. However I am now more hopeful that they also plan to replace the gas price sign with one that cannot be seen from space. A clerk inside the Pilot told me that the sign change was due to state regulations. I guess somebody else finally noticed that the sign was too big for a scenic route. I hate to say I told you so, but that's exactly what I said ten months ago.

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Blogger Frank Murphy said...

The new, smaller signs are up and working. I think the gas price sign is smaller but it could just look that way because it's so much higher on the giant signpost. I will post some photos eventually.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say, I have been thinking the SAME thing about that huge sign. . .I turn down Joe Hinton everyday and I kept wondering why it needed to be so big. I too, am glad they changed it and I agree that the pole should be shortened. It looks a little ridiculous.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The news all around us tells the gas consumers the price all FOR FREE! I don't want to be reminded with a sign anyway when I show up at their establishment to purchase their gasoline. They should make it more of a positive experience by not reminding us of how much we have to pay for their needed product when we arrive. :)

Anonymous Chris Townsend said...

This is interesting because I never noticed this until Monday or Tuesday of this week.

I stop every morning at this Pilot only because I believe their coffee truly is the best in Knoxville. That is unless you plan to pay at least $4.00 for a cup of coffee, which I do not.

On said morning, I noticed them swapping the signs. However, they were placing the new gas prices sign on the bare pole first and the monsterous McDonalds sign was still swaying from some type of crane.

Either way what made me notice (other than the fact there is nothing to do but watch what's going on as I sit at the longest holding redlight in Knoxville) was the fact that they were welding the new sign to the pole. As I was staring watching the action unfold, I was forced to look away as the bright light from the welding gun lit up the entire area. I've always been told if you looked at this light it could cause blindness and I didn't want to test my luck.

Blogger Barry said...

My kids and I laughed when we passed by there this week and saw (what looked to us) two identical McDonalds signs - one on top of the pole, and one on the ground. I guess there was a size difference, we just couldn't tell. We simply assumed there was some kind of clandestine cloning project going on, and this store was the prototype.

I suspect the Dharma Initiative, personally...

Anonymous Carl said...


I wanted to tell you that I turn in each morning at 5:15 to hear what marc is going to bust your chops over today. But let me tell you about the sign I haft to say that the big tall pole looks silly with that little of a sign on it. They need to make a smaller pole and put it in it's place. Since they can't have a big sign on that road. Keep on teeling us all how you feel about things ok. and i'll be there friday morning at 5:15 to hear my faverite morning show!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Click here to see the picture I took on Tuesday the 27th. The new signs are smaller but the old pole is too big for them.


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